How we started

The Rotary Club of Narrabri was chartered in 1946 and since then has made a large impact on Narrabri, the region and the broader world.

Communities like Narrabri are the culmination of the efforts and aspirations of the people who live within them, and organisations like Rotary are a very important and necessary part of that process.

The club has been involved in a vast number of projects.  Many of these projects have become so accepted and greatly used by the community, that they give the appearance of having always been there; and indeed difficult, if not impossible to imagine life without them.

Narrabri Aerodrome now Airport

One such project is the Narrabri Aerodrome (now the Narrabri Airport).  It is difficult to imagine the Narrabri Aerodrome not being there, but prior to a Rotary project in the late 1940s, that was the case.  In that project, the Rotary Club was heavily involved in the clearing and preparation of the aerodrome site, and the establishment of markers on the site.

Cameron Park in Narrabri

Another important project, which has become an integral part of Narrabri, is the Cameron Park project.  The park, which is adjacent to the Narrabri Creek, was built by the Rotary Club on land donated to the Council by the Cameron family.  The park has seen many changes over the years, and in recent times has undergone a major facelift and extension as a joint venture between the Narrabri Shire Council and the Rotary Club.  This park is an outstanding community facility, and provides a welcome and well-used rest stop to both tourists and locals.

Narrabri Memorial Pool

The Narrabri Memorial Pool has also been the recipient of tremendous assistance from the club. As far back as 1957 the club commenced improvements which included the construction of the small pool and adjacent shelter, and the construction of the diving tower over the main pool. These improvements exist to this day and are still well-used by the community.

Town Clock Tower

The construction of the town clock tower was a project commenced by the club in 1978.  It involved the construction of a new clock tower adjacent to Hogan Oval in Tibbereena Street, and the installation of the clock faces, which had been in the old Narrabri Town Hall.  The project was completed in 1979-80 and was then handed over to the Council.  The clock tower undertakes a Christmas look every December, thanks again to the efforts of the Rotarians, who decorate the tower for the festive season.

Undoubtedly one of the major and most significant projects undertaken by the Rotary Club, commenced in 1981 with the construction of facilities for the Sheltered Workshop. This project involved a new and permanent home for this valuable community organisation, which for so long has assisted the intellectually and physically challenged members of our local community.  This project was awarded the District Community Service Award in 1982, and a Sydney Morning Herald Community Service Award, and today it remains as an outstanding testimony to the Rotary Club of Narrabri.

Narrabri West Lake

In the late 1980s, after years of planning, the Narrabri West Lake project finally got off the ground, and predictably, Rotary was at the forefront of the project, contributing both funds and labour to the success of the project.  Included in the contribution by the club was the installation of a water supply and irrigation system along the lake foreshore.

Narrabri District Hospital

The Narrabri District Hospital has also benefited greatly over the years from the Rotary Club: from 1954, when the club purchased its first humidicrib, through the years, to 1962 and the portable x-ray equipment, to 1972 and the new collapsible-type ambulance stretchers, to 1985 and the commencement of the Bowel Screening Programme, to 1988 and the emergency accommodation, and to 1993 when the medical assistance extended to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands through Narrabri Rotary’s donation of two truckloads of medical supplies.

The club worked very closely with Council on projects which include a new barbecue and shelter at the Tourist Centre, and the establishment of avenues of trees along the approaches to Narrabri.  This project in particular is providing great public recognition for Rotary.  It is transforming a previously bland section of the Newell Highway into an interesting and well-maintained feature.

In mentioning just a few of the Rotary Club’s projects, there are many similarly worthwhile ones.  The list is long, and it is obvious that, during the last 70 or so years the Rotary Club of Narrabri has been an essential part of this community.  The club has contributed, in kind and in resources, to literally hundreds of worthwhile, and in some cases life-saving, projects that have become part of the lifestyle enjoyed by this community.

Furthermore, recent fundraising and support from the Rotary Club of Narrabri includes the CT scanner at Narrabri Hospital, successful project for hospital and school facilities in the Solomon Islands, support for earthquake victims in Nepal, funding for youth support services in Narrabri, establishment of a Drought Relief charity focussed on mental health needs, and much much more.

We salute all past and present Rotarians and their partners plus our many supporters and volunteers. Thank you.

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